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A revolutionary platform for City commuters to come together and overcome - City Trafffic, Pollution, Commute time and expense

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What is, and why

C3C Stands for City commuter's club
Join Us .. Let's revolutionize City commute by coming together. We assure to make it the safest and fastest platform for City commuters to share city rides. .
We are most concerned with your security. we assure to keep your data secure. Come, be a part of the City revoltion and rideshare on C3C.
Thank you!

C3C AuthentiCITY

C3C is for the commuters, by the commuters, of the commuters. Its for making City commute democratic. c3c members must use real identities, pseudonames/profiles are not accepted, This is to ensure that users security, Please use real names (and real photo!) f: phone numbers and emails are both verified and we offer Facebook/linkedin Connect so that C3C members can link their C3C profile to their existing social network.

C3C trUst

On C3C U are top priority. Every time two members meet in through, they publicly rate each other. This mutual rating system allow the community to build up on trust. Users can choose the level of trust rating of those whom they are going to interact with through C3C while offering/taking a ride through c3c.

C3C Confidentiality

C3C needs phone number and email ID to verify your identity , and to send updates. Your number would not be shown to the other members in group, the communication will be through C3C's SMS gateway/messages tab in dashboard/android app only. All your details will remain strictly confidential.

City Riders using own vehicle :
Stop Commuting alone in City! Get your fuel expense reduced by sharing your rides. Keep track of your savings and contribution to City environment. Save fuel expense by taking other city commuters along.
All City Commuters:Travel across the City for less
Intracity commute made easy and hassle free
Rideshare with Ease and confidence
Community verified profiles with member ratings and customized levels of security for Commuter inteaction will enable you to share ride like never before.

C3C- The City commuter's Club- A short Intro

On the need for an exclusive community for City commuters, City commute hassles, and how C3C would reduce these

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Frequently Asked Questions

Car sharing is when several people travel together by car and share the cost of the trip. You probably already car share very often with family and friends: every time you take the car together you share the cost of a trip with them. In much the same way, C3C connects Commuters in city on same routein real time and let them share ride. Both Ride giver and taker saves money on fuel/effort. The shared rides add up contributing to reducting in city traffic, polluition , Commute time and expense in city. C3C aims to be Central part in this revolution to enable more users to ride share in Cities.
You can become a member here: As small drops make a ocean, each of the rideshare also helps in reducing traffic and pollution. We keep trak of fuel/emissions/traffic/commute expense reduction using state of the art bigdata and cloud infrastructure. lets the community know in real time, the value generated by us individually and collectively . Individual value appears in user dashboard, Collective value generated per city appears on home page. aims at reduction of Traffic, pollution, commute time and expense in targeted cities by 10% with their innovative (propreitory ) realtime ridesharing solution objectively;
It’s easy, fast and, of course, free. You can sign-up with your email, in 2 minutes. Fill in the required fields, i.e. your first and last names, password, email address. In both cases, to confirm your membership, you need to accept our Terms & Conditions. Members shall only use their real identities and names, which shall be verified and validated by users own social networks. Users shall use oonly real name (and real photo!); phone numbers and emails are verfied. We provide Facebook Connect so members can link their c3c profile to their existing social network. The community uses mutual rating system to ensure that all members respect the c3c spirit of positive community collaboration: before ride share on C3C, you can set your user preference and know ratings of the member with whom you are travelling with. Its your decision on whom to travel with.
Payment is made in C3C goodness-coin (simply a point) automatically upon boarding your the trip. 1 Indian rupee= 1 Goodness-Coin (For sake of simplicity, its called point). Points per KM are displayed for each ride on offer. No qualms of exchanging petty cash between you. You get 50 free points at the time of registration and you will need to buy the points from your ride giver or from c3c site, if you fall short. The ride giver will get 1000 free points upon providing details of his Vehicle, that matches with RTA records. The C3C ridegiver can redeem the points accumulated in excess of 2000 for the merchandise of his choice on any popular e-commerce site.
For every ride that you offer, we display your default points per KM depending o your vehicle details. The default value can be modified to a certain extent by you. We calculate teh points per KM in terms of your rupee expenditure on fuel, and also taking into account your vehicle maintenance costs. The suggested points can be amended as you wish, being increased or decreased by as much as 40% of the suggested points per KM. The ceiling, is to ensures that community thrive on principle of fair sharing of expense between ride giver and taker. Remember that "ridegivers" offering the most competitive prices are shown at the top of results page sorted by price/km. The points you have to pay for your trip is No. of KM you share your ride x the ride givers charge in points/km , as displayed on the see ride details tab . This is fixed and non-negotiable .
Fill your to and From locations in the Tabs upon loging in to Enter your exact origination location and destination location, which will be shown on google maps below. The overlaping distance between your ridegiver path and your path, The total points for your ride will be shown. you can refine your search by maximum overlapping distance or by departure time or by points per km. If you see a ride you like but need more information, You can send a private message to teh ride giver and communicate without revealing your mobile number. You can call on our contactnumber in case of any trouble.
We ask for a mobile number as it is a must for communication in real time . We send you appropriate notifications in realtime on your app/weblogin for each ride. You can opt to receive SMSs if you are not using a smartphone. email address is must so that we can send them notifications for your car sharing pin realtime or otherwise. C3C has an internal message system that members use to communicate with each other, so the only emails you will ever receive will be from C3C, and you run no risk of ever getting spam.
C3C can very well be used by regular carpoolers to keep for ensuring timelly arrivals, and fair expenditure sharing without the qualms of sharing petty cash with you friend/office colleague/fellow commuter .

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